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A week with Way Yin (aka Bubba)

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Re: A week with Way Yin (aka Bubba)


Post by Bubba »

Tom, if there is something I can try to clarify, please don't hesitate to ask or PM.

As I was mulling, I realized I should have added a sentence or two to the paragraph on "constraints": Of course on a Spey backcast, the entire line does have rearward velocity (the whole kit and caboodle is moving rearward) but there is mechanical inefficiency in capitalizing on all of this momentum for loading the rod on the forward cast. Although surface tension on the end of the line ("grip", "anchor" or whatever we want to call it) adds efficiency (if there was no grip, it would be like trying to make an overhead cast with your backcast loop only halfway unfurled), changing directions of the cast at the moment the grip forms provides you only a portion of the mass of line (a bit more than half, given most line's taper profile) to use for loading, since there is little resistance in the backcast loop. That is, force applied towards forward cast is "eaten up" by the backcast loop being present. If the line was rigid at this moment however, I believe efficiency could approach an overhead cast.

I believe the physics guys on the forum could explain far better than I with elegant mathematical equations - it must be simple Newtonian laws of motion that apply!

Paul, would love to check out your scene. Something to look forward to! Thank you all for having me back on the Forum.
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Re: A week with Way Yin (aka Bubba)


Post by Paul Arden »

Hi Way, I agree but there is an interesting variation of this and it depends on what we are comparing, ie a water anchor, a stationary aerielised line end or a line end that has rear momentum.

One way of looking at it I believe, is the anchor helps stop the line end from moving backwards. And that is normally what is happening, however with just the right amount of force (ie normally much less) it’s possible to stall the line end in mid-air. An aerielised snap does a much better job of this. Now we are comparing a stationary anchor on the water, to a stationary anchor in the air. While the one on the water is still more efficient, and easier to deal with, the one in the air does work.

Often we practise long casts but in fishing there are times when a short Spey cast is required and aerielising parts, or even the entire cast, has benefits (I don’t know about the DHD but certainly with the Single Hander!). For example I’m happy to fully aerielise the Double Spey when chalkstream fishing if don’t need distance or maximum efficiency because it’s far more stealthy.

I actually learned the term “Switch Cast” in the UK to mean an aerielised Single Spey. And those are the two hardest ones; Snakes and Snaps are much easier to stick in the air because the line end is folding over away from the D loop.

I used to spend my nights playing around with the lumiline while standing on a hilltop in NZ. It was not possible to place anchors down because there were ferns everywhere (some may have been silver). However because it was completely dark and I could only see the glowing line, it became an interesting game to try to make fully aerielised Speys.

One variation that can help on both the Single and Double Spey, and even aerielised Snaps, is to set the D up in all final instances with a Snake. This always ensures that the line end is folding away from the D apex.

Of course if the intention is to throw the fly into Kingdom Come then we need a water anchor so we can hit both back and forward casts harder!

Incidentally this is not just esoteric casting rhetoric :p many of my change of angle Snakehead shots incorporate aerielised Spey components.

Looks like borders are slowly opening here. Man I’m looking forward to working again!!

Cheers, Paul
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Re: A week with Way Yin (aka Bubba)


Post by Tom Benson »

Hi Way ...... thanks for your support . Enough , to say ; all your iterations & expositions are .. Sufficient !
Just one favour .......another Video ....
ONE of the most gracious acts of Geometric Poetry ...
Tom Benson
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Re: A week with Way Yin (aka Bubba)


Post by Tom Benson »

Hi Way , I've been watching some videos on Simon's website of Speycasting ! In particular , Gerard Downey ......
Have you any comments ? Seems .. quite unusual !
Coincidentally ( & of no important ) he's from the same place as my Paternal Grandmother.
Second big request .... (( having read your CV )) how about a Autobiography ......
I,m a big fan of Dr. ((( or should that Mr. ))) Mukherjee ; you are for me in that etc......
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