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AFFTA Line classification floating vs. sinking lines

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:18 am
by Michal Duzynski
Hi All
I dont have much expierience with sinking lines, but what you guys are talking about here explain my casting discomfort in a recent Seatrout trip.
The rod was Echo 3s 8wt 9' , and the line (I borrowed) was Six Sense 7/8 wt full sink 5ips, for quite a long time I thought I put the line on the reel backwards, the line was movig fast ,the rod did not bend much, but it turned over heavy fly I had on, and sunk as it should.
Then Ive change the line, and felt much better.


AFFTA Line classification floating vs. sinking lines

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:51 pm
by Bernd Ziesche
Ben_d wrote:
casting the same head length + same head weight in a) floating and b) sinking feels to me like casting a) a 5wt. floating line and b) the same floating line in 6wt.. Significant difference.
Hi Bernd, I really don't think the difference is quite that great, certainly not in my experience anyway. There is a difference but I think it too slight to be worth worrying about really.

Yes, I'd agree with that but do you not find that a sinking line cast in with the same effort as a floater of same mass tends to kick a bit harder Bernd?


Hi Ben,
I need further tests to really tell you what it is about exactly. What I can tell you right now, is that I have two lines of the same weight profile in two different densities giving me a feeling of casting a 5wt. (the one with the higher density) and a 6wt. line (the one with the lower density).
I always knew that sinking lines feel pretty light often. But I just never really concentrated on really weighing them and finding a floating line in the same profile and weight to really compare and understand about the size of difference.

Casting a floating and a sinking line both having "6wt." on the label is one thing, but maybe the sinking line alreday had a gramm extra? :cool:
Will run further experiments soon.

The sinking line definetly has a great turnover often. This can be clearly recognized when Spey casting on distance for example. So I agree the kick over gets stronger.
Remember the picture Gordy showed us of the loop morphing of a sinktip line?

that sounds familiary to me.