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Recommendation for flats shoes?

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Recommendation for flats shoes?


Post by James9118 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:41 am

Paul Arden wrote:I think the requirements we have are impossible to meet.
I disagree, and this attitude plays right in to the hands of the so called 'top end' manufacturers hands. The fact that we think it's acceptable that their shoddy, premium priced products fall apart after 4 or 5 weeks fishing just plays into the disposable item cycle that keeps us going back and paying for more of the same. (The manufacturers love us for this).

Lets face it, 4 or 5 weeks flats fishing for some people is 4 or 5 years - they think they've had value for money. For someone like me, that 4 or 5 weeks is only one trip - I'd take the boots back if they failed in that time. And they will fail, because they're no better than cheap trainers. If everyone took the boots back, the manufacturers would have to up their game. These days I don't waste my money to look cool and have the right name written on my boots.

As for the Flavio's original question - I know where he'll be fishing, in fact I'll probably be with him on some days :yeahhh:. If he wanted to, he could go barefoot. I know someone who does this in that particular destination, it's not for me though. He could also get some flip-flops and some neoprene socks - that would be fine. Alternatively he could wear an old pair of trainers. Personally I go for dive boots. All of these are just as good a suggestion as 'high-end' fashion boots (I'm going to refuse to call them flats boots from now on because none I've seen are genuinely fit for purpose).


P.s. Boots suck - just in case you didn't get the jist of that :D

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Paul Arden
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Recommendation for flats shoes?


Post by Paul Arden » Tue Feb 26, 2019 1:29 pm

You may be right, James, but I can’t think of any product that lasts significant amount of time that you wear on your feet that stays wet. Top of the line walking boots costing 250 quid (and I really think Meindl is top of the line) last six months of fishing. Ok they are leather, and leather doesn’t like to be constantly wet. But I’ve not had another pair of boots that have lasted close to this. I had some synthetics that were walking boot territory that gave up on less than a month. What do guides do?

Cheers, Paul
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Recommendation for flats shoes?


Post by Fla » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:28 pm

Hi all

Thanks for all the answers! As I feared, there does not seem to be a really satisfying solution then. But thanks for the input anyway.

It's not only fly fishers that suffer from easily perishable water shoes, as for example this thread in a canoeing thread about the Water Tennies illustrates: ... p?t=114857
I also read similar bad reviews about the Astral Rassler, another shoe that I considered buying.

Nevertheless, I will probably stick with the Five Ten Water Tennie that I already own then, and maybe bring a pair of diving boots as backup.


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Graeme H
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Recommendation for flats shoes?


Post by Graeme H » Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:55 pm

Geenomad wrote: Second, they are fragile around the instep area where there is a silly and unnecessary mesh drain.
I may buy some anyway (cheap enough) and see if I can reinforce that area with Liquid Fusion, blocking it up and protecting the mesh.

A narrow fit is fine by me.


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Recommendation for flats shoes?


Post by Geenomad » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:58 am

Graeme H wrote: I may buy some anyway (cheap enough) and see if I can reinforce that area with Liquid Fusion, blocking it up and protecting the mesh.
On the same page. I used Sikkaflex. It popped out after a while. I reinforced it with webbing strap. We'll see. Let's compare notes in due course.

They are great to walk in (comparatively speaking). I estimate one of my Tassie trips is good for 400-500kms, a fair test of fitness for purpose - both me and the boots. :D

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George C
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Recommendation for flats shoes?


Post by George C » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:37 pm

The Simms Zipit 2 neoprene boots have a wide forefoot and, when used with their (or someone else's) after market wader insoles, are quite comfortable. The soles are a soft rubber, however, and wear quickly if you walk big distances. If you plan to fish out of a boat and wade occasionally they should be fine. If you are a DIY type and wade for hours and hours (or cover distance over coral) then they won't last. Mine wore out after about 30-35 days of use.....primarily over sand bottom. The sole thins and the hard foot plate tears through at the heel. I wear them with a pair of simms wet wading socks turned dow over the top of the boot and sand intrusion is not a significant issue (even over soft bottoms)

I've bought a pair of Orvis Christmas Island neoprene booties. These are narrower, lighter, and have a harder rubber sole but I can't speak for their durability yet.

Heavy lace up style boots seem counter-productive for trying to approach fish quietly.

Lou Bruno
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Recommendation for flats shoes?


Post by Lou Bruno » Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:48 pm

Saw a where a guy took a pair of waterproof boots...think Wellington style. He cut the upper portion off above the ankle. He wears neoprene wading socks for further comfort. Claims they work, despite the negativity we can think of.


George C
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Recommendation for flats shoes?


Post by George C » Tue Mar 19, 2019 1:32 pm

For what it is worth, I just spent a week doing some serious flats walking (sand and coral) in the Orvis Xmas Island flats booties with added insoles and wet wading socks. The soles show no wear. They are light, drain well, and sand/mud intrusion was acceptable. They are, however, narrower and with lower forefoot volume than the Simms version. I had some issues with hotspots and blisters on top of my small toe and top of my forefoot. Sock thickness and fine sand entrapment in the sock material undoubtably contributed. The added insole, by raising the height of my foot, probably was a factor as well. Moleskin patches helped.

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Recommendation for flats shoes?


Post by flickingfeathers » Wed May 22, 2019 1:34 am

it's all dependent on the terrain, I used to use dive booties and they were fine in the Yucatan, but since coming to Japan I switched to heavier boots and used the Simms Oceantek boots for years and they coped very well with the sharp volcanic rock and coral that was killing my mates' boots in a trip or two. My last pair died in the Maldives last year, but did save my ankle from injury in the process.

Simms replaced the oceantek with the vaportred which I'm using now but have only done a couple of weeks of flats walking with them so can't give a full long term usage review. That said, they are lighter than the oceanteks, comfortable and seem tough with about the same wear as the oceanteks would have for that amount of use.

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