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Odd number torpedos...

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Odd number torpedos...


Post by Fishandme2 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:34 pm

Of late (like today) I’m seeing numbers like Ht 3wt in 7’6 and possibly 5wt???
Yes, yes, yes.... odd numbers make so much more sense visually!!! You hold 4 X HT’s up and then hold up 5 or even 7! Which looks better 5 and 7 obviously👍. Now I only own 1 HT(3+1)wt, but pretty eager to get hold of a 3 and 5 😮. 👍👍
Is there truth in this Paul? The world needs a mega distance casting 3wt even if just for my Popping Shrimp flies 🥰. Graeme’s review was not really for 4wt so he needs a 3wt also 👍👍👍

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