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Not Arden-Proof

Post Number:#1  Postby Paul Arden » Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:45 pm

Well it was an eventful day. My sunglasses dropped off my head and then slowly and tantalisingly sank through the water. I acted fast and reached down to save them (the water was only about 3.5ft deep but I forgot this fact), and then something else dropped out of my pocket. It turns out it was my iPhone! Not a problem, thought I, having been suitably prepared by replacing my lifeproof case only 2 months previously. I joked about it and thought about how clever I was.

However there was more water in my phone than there should have been and it died.

It was the start of an interesting day. Flat tyre on the way in, on the boat trailer, and broken spring on the way out - Woods Lake - the same place we filmed "Three Wheels on My Wagon". Fishing was fantastic of course. We had 24 in the boat from an afternoon's fishing, some cracking fish, and a wonderful dun hatch.

Anyways I'm back online. I picked up the latest model duty-free in Sydney Airport. Apparently the latest phones are water-resistant and you can drop them in the shallows while fishing without issues.

Thanks Lars for covering me on Monday. Big FP from me next Monday, all about Tasmania. :pirate:

Cheers, Paul
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