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More Board Action!


Post by Paul Arden » Mon May 25, 2020 8:47 am

Hi guys,

I've just been going through the site stats for the Sungai Tiang information package. I do this about once per year :p For the first time in years we have had a major increase in traffic. An increased of over 50%, and by the end of next month, when the site will have been on SSL for a full year (https instead of http), we will have passed one million unique visitors for this period. So we need to get more of these guys and girls active on the Board :pirate:

I have to say - a great job by the Front Page Team!!! Thanks guys! :) :) :pirate:

The next question is, how do we get more of them active on the Board? I'm considering video upload software that allows anyone to upload videos of their casting without going through Vimeo or YouTube, or at the very least simplifying this process for them.

Maybe also some sort of Quora ask a community fly fishing question capability?

Finally, maybe we should pick and discuss a weekly topic that we can then link to and discuss on the FP and social media?

Cheers, Paul
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