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Double Hauling

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David Gianfaldoni
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Double Hauling


Post by David Gianfaldoni » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:36 am

I focused on double hauling soon when I started fly fishing in salt water in the early 2000s, it was crucial for me to cover as much water as possible to catch more. I did not have a real master who showed me some technique, but at that time I read a lot. Since then I have always tried to improve and even if I do not complain I'm never satisfied enough! Still today I continue reading a lot, watching so many videos and doing many tests both during fishing and on meadows. I have to thank Jason Borger for his book Nature of fly casting.

Bianchetti Ivan
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Double Hauling


Post by Bianchetti Ivan » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:52 pm

Thanks to Paul tea,I believe today should be explained in the teaching that the word double haol is a word from the wrong concept of what to do, considering that to send behind the line there are at least two trains to do one to pull and one to hold it We do not count the wrist, at the end of the game are 4 to 6 movements, it is not just a pull and spring, what do you think? (I have doubts that the translation will be understandable)

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Double Hauling


Post by WJC » Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:00 pm

Viking Lars wrote:Do you remember when you learnt the double haul? From whom? How? Where? When?
Oh, yes. I began double hauling in 1958 in the Miami, Florida area about 4 months after Christmas 1957 when I got my first fly rod and tying vise - and probably the only ones in our town.

Before getting mine for Christmas the closest I'd ever been to one was in the stands at the Miami Sportsmen's
Show watching Jack Sharkey fly casting with Ted Williams announcing - then casting later himself .

A neighbor across the street had a massive collection of hunting and fishing magazines including “Field & Stream” which he let me read in his Florida room so long as I’d washed my hands, creased no pages and never removed them from that room. There were two well illustrated articles on “How to Fly Cast” that were published in succession with perfect timing that I read and re-read many times.

After trying the silk line that came with the reel, I realized that it was too light for bass poppers, so I bought a new type of line, a Cortland GBF Bass Bug taper (or Bug Taper- I forget exactly what they called it) from my lawn mowing money. The rod was a green South Bend “True Temper” that looked like someone had painted with a paint roller- but it worked fine with the new line.

With that line, I was able to get some line out and felt way, way better about the whole thing, because initially I was very, very disappointed.

Then the second installment came out which I must have read 10 times before finally getting the double haul to shoot line, and, man, was I ever excited. The Everglades at that time was teaming with life; mosquitos, frogs, brim, snakes, gators, birds and huge largemouth bass that had never seen a big cork popper. Poppers were so effective as the sun lowered that my best buddy ordered a fly rod too.

With the exception of the birth of my daughter, that rod and vise were the best gifts I’ve ever received.


Paul Jennings
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Double Hauling


Post by Paul Jennings » Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:25 pm

Paul's Down up video , I'm world class with a pencil but goes to crap when a rod is introduced
I'm not sure i can cast without double-hauling, is that bad?


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Double Hauling


Post by ska1911 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:25 pm

at the beginning i tried to teach it to myself with some books and videos. for shorter casts this worked fine for me, and ithe next 2 years i thought that ive mastered it :whistle: :D but when i went seatrout fishing for the first time i realised that this was not the case. for longer casts, my double hauling technique was miserable, bad timing and lots of slack between line hand and guide.
i really improved my hauling after i took part in a casting class in austria. the instructor lead my line hand to show me the proper timing and within a minute it made "click". This was 5 years ago. But still a lot of things to improve, for example the haul on the delivery cast.

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