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Thrust on the backcast

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Thrust on the backcast


Post by Paul Arden » Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:20 pm

Another excellent read from Gary today

Hi Gary,

I like the idea of Thrust on the backcast. It's quite closely linked to the challenges noted in the previous week's FP too, the one where being accurate with a tailwind is challenging.

While these are both completely different set of problems, they have one common denominator; the wind!

The Thrust observation reminds me of a casting session with Lasse in Livingstone, where we found that thrusting produced slightly more forward distance when thrown into the wind. So it's not surprising that you are finding the same thing on the backcast. What I will say is that that will take a lot of practise! I find it easier to go "stopless", aim lower on the backcast and as you say to haul late and fast. That is how I cast in competition with the wind behind me.

Accuracy on the other hand is a problem. You need a high backcast for the accuracy trajectory, but a low backcast for the line to straighten. The only way I can deal with that problem is to tilt the casting stroke into a nearly side cast, so that the forward cast isn't so high. After all it will have to be angled up, because the backcast needs to be angled down - that way the fly will always be fairly close to the water. The problems then being with a heavy fly it may not land straight, but instead one side or the other.

As you say, it's a very challenging cast and I would also much rather cast into the wind in these circumstances.

Thanks Gary; a fantastic read as always :pirate:

Cheers, Paul
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