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Fly line selection

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Fly line selection


Post by Barrio » Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:52 pm

You've gotta love this stuff ..... I remember going along to the Sexyloops gathering in Dunkeld ten years ago ( with Hamish & Sandy ) and our old IM6 & cane rods and DT lines caused a bit of hilarity. Apparently we needed to get with it and get ourselves a Sage within specific serial numbers and an MED :D

A few folk 'played' with these and I specifically remember both Mike Heritage and Lasse Karlsson casting the DT line well into the backing with Sandy's cane rod.

A few interesting comments about line weights and designs in this and other threads recently Paul, but you've got to remember that fly fishing lines are not made like machined metal products on CNC machines ...... liquid plastic, gravity fed onto a moving piece of string is not in the same league :D

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