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quite presentation

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Re: quite presentation


Post by Paul Arden »

Nice flies, Gary. The commercial stuff looks overdressed but that’s normal.

We have a reservoir fly called a Missionary, Chess. It is a fry imitation where the mallard wing is tied flat along the shank. This is to slow the descent and to make the fly flutter in its way down. Some of the online examples appear to have a rolled wing which defeats the purpose!

Cheers, Paul
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Re: quite presentation


Post by Chess »

Yeah, that's the concept learnt from soft plastic tails. The more slow, soft sinking flutter the more takes, generally that is. That Missionary fly would be well worth a try - easy tie by the look of it. Pale chartreuse body per my examinations in saltwater resembles a shrimp body's translucence, touch of orange for the eggs and who knows? Looks like a lovely fly to cast though, aero friendly shape & no big splash. Getting the flutter right probably resembles a wounded shrimp. This is the type of water in summer you can see them disturbing the surface as they zip around chasing things, even themselves, in water a foot or less deep, so the fly has to flutter immediately. The ducks landed just after I caught that one. The presentation needs to be close enough to get their attention but not too close to spook them, which often happens anyway, rod or line flash or splash. Generally you have to drift in, bow motors often alert them, especially in heavily trafficked waters. Fun stuff... It's not uncommon that they nip the rubber legs off my flies, and no hook up. Yet, sometimes they just smash it, moody buggers! The shrimp fly I use in that water had chain bead eyes, I wouldn't use lead eyes there. Thanks for the assistance and moral support trying to nut out those wily old, but frustrating bream. That horizontal cast will be worth worth practicing and developing a leader taper to suit.
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