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Hervey Bay - Fraser Island

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Hervey Bay - Fraser Island


Post by canesplitter »

Hi Guys!
Most of you won‘t remember me, as I haven‘t been here for many years.
I used to be more active and contrebuting when Paul still travelled to NZ!
Hello Paul, how are you?
I‘m planing a trip to Hervey Bay and would like to do some fishing around Fraser Island.
We have been out with Mark Bargenquast as a guide several times. But he is out of Business since a long time.
Has somebody of you experience over there and can recommend a guide?
All info would be highly appreciated!
Thanks Canesplitter
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Paul Arden
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Re: Hervey Bay - Fraser Island


Post by Paul Arden »

Hi Christian!! I’m good, how are you? Unfortunately all the Goldens were taken for cat food. Or something like that. Is there a particular reason for Hervey Bay? Caught a lot of flathead around Fraser Island. Tuna fishing can be good too if you are into that. Morsie will know!

Still splitting cane? :cool:

Cheers, Paul
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