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GoPro 11

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GoPro 11


Post by Vinny »

My wife thought it be helpful to give me my Birthday present a couple weeks early. She bought me a Go Pro 11 so I can video myself fly fishing/practicing from my skiff. Came with everything you need to attach it anywhere to any surface including myself. So my question is, if I want to capture the best video of my form and if possible my line from about 15’ away from my casting platform do any of you know which settings I’d use? This thing is like a mini computer😱
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: GoPro 11


Post by Paul Arden »

Hi Vinny,

I’ve just upgraded from 10 to 12 (my 10 died after filming the Beast video). You’ll want to play with a few settings. I’m using 16:9, 5.3K (I think your max might be 4K), 60fps, wide lens.

Amazing tools. The 10 blew me away and the 12 is even more incredible.

I’m looking forward to seeing your videos!!!

Cheers, Paul
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