Off Shoulder horizontal curve

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Off Shoulder horizontal curve

Post Number:#1  Postby Morsie » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:47 am

Has anyone filmed from overhead an off shoulder curve cast (to the right obviously, unless you're sinister then its going the other way). I can't work out exactly what I need to correct in order to prevent the line from clipping the tip of the rod on the presentation cast?
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Off Shoulder horizontal curve

Post Number:#2  Postby Graeme H » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:06 pm

I corrected mine by making sure my tracking was correct. I had to aim my back cast more to the left than I was.

Cheers, Graeme
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Off Shoulder horizontal curve

Post Number:#3  Postby Paul Arden » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:55 pm

There are quite a few ways of executing this cast. The easiest is with a close to horizontal rod plane ... urve-cast/

If the line is hitting the rod try a lower backcast and a inclining trajectory on the forward cast. This way the line should travel through below the rod tip. If you are using pull-back at the end of the Casting Stroke then pull slightly upwards to move the tip out the way.

Another way to play around is to try to hit the rod tip with the line on the opposite (dominant) side to see what you are doing differently. As always going right side, going left side, going right side etc is good training. This is one cast that is far easier in many ways using the opposite hand because the wrist doesn’t work as well off-shoulder. I usually turn the hand over so that the thumb is underneath the grip, alternatively I lock the wrist.

Cheers, Paul
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Off Shoulder horizontal curve

Post Number:#4  Postby Thomas_E » Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:02 am

Hi Peter,

I only cant the rod 45 ° to the left for that.

R.M. makes a circle over the head, to get to the other side, from 6:43min.

Or I cast the "Svirgolato" to the right, but it's a completely different technique.

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Off Shoulder horizontal curve

Post Number:#5  Postby Morsie » Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:49 am

Thanks guys, just one of those things to work on so it happens none of the time instead of some of the time. Thomas I use that same curve as RM when I want to curve to the right, I got there via the corkscrew but its evolved from there.It produces a very neat and consistent layout.
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