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looking for Vosseler vices

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looking for Vosseler vices


Post by t.z. » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:10 pm

I have the Vosseler vice. It is so modular that I even can only take the head and the suction base along and can tie. The head even fits in my fly fishing bum bag. Brilliant and it did cost a fraction of most other toys ... erm tools.

I however seem to be one of the very very few liking the Vosseler vice. Much has to do with the lack of documentation and wrong / weird way of showing it in pictures. It is setup very different to what it was promoted. I say was since it is no longer to be found on Vosselers website. A shame really.

Anyway, if anyone having a Vosseler vice and wants to get rid of it. I buy it for a reasonable price, given it is still in good condition. All the people I teach tying want to have one as they see it "properly" used.
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