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Dangling End vs Tailing Loop

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Dangling End vs Tailing Loop


Post by Paul Arden » Fri Nov 22, 2019 7:12 am

Out of interest do we agree that breaking 180 trajectory causes a Dangling End and not a Tailing Loop?

I suppose it depends on the definition of Tailing Loop. If a Tailing Loop is defined around how the loops appears eg “a transvere wave in the fly leg that dips down and intersects the rod leg [in two places]” then a Dangling End can do this, in which case breaking 180 is a potential cause.

If on the other hand we define tails to be a consequence of rod tip path during the Casting Stroke eg “a tailing loop is a transverse wave above blah blah - as a result of a dip or buckle in the rod tip’s path during the Casting Stroke” then breaking 180 causes dangles and not tails.

I once saw a slow motion video from an afternoon casting together with Aitor and Alejandro of a loop that almost tailed but didn’t quite. The reason it almost tailed was because of the line configuration at the beginning of the forward cast (sag) leading me to believe that it might be possible to have a tail result of this alone. (Definition depending :p)

Cheers, Paul
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