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Too much power!

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Re: Too much power!


Post by Paul Arden » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:41 am

I think it actually can be. But it’s not the bend itself; rather it’s what’s going on in the line. When the loop unrolls there is still - often - rather a lot of energy left. Very few of us actually use only enough energy to straighten the line, most of us use significantly more energy. Normally when that loop finally unrolls that energy dissipates in a number of ways, but if we start the next stroke at this very moment, or slightly prior to it, I think it’s enough to cause severe loop problems.

I realise that many of us begin elements of the overall stroke prior to Loop Straight, and I know that we try to maintain line tension, but the actually part that we call the Casting Stroke IMO can only happen after this loop straightening energy on the previous cast has been largely removed.

“You can’t hit the boing” :cool:

Cheers, Paul
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Re: Too much power!


Post by nicholasfmoore » Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:17 am

Hi Paul,

Do you think it's a bit of panic for students, or rather trying to start the forward cast 'immediately' 🙃

I do see what you mean, didn't you mention that you wait for everything to unroll? For fishing distances 😀

What do you mean by the boing, Paul? Is that a sexy loops term?

All the best


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