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Line Twist and the Parallel Universe

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Re: Line Twist and the Parallel Universe


Post by Geenomad » Sun Jun 07, 2020 2:36 am

johnnybg wrote:
Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:54 pm
So, when you have accumulated a lot of line twist and it doesn't disappear when shooting the line to the reel, what do you do?
Hi Johnny
While I practice single hand spey often and belgium type casts occasionally, I get some twist but not huge amounts. I try not to let it build up and I manage it in the way I clean my lines.

Assume the two bucket method is being used and line is stripped from one to the other. I clean using wet wipes - hand soap in the first and water only in the second. Then I dry using a microfibre cloth. For floating lines I then apply at least one treatment, allow it to rest awhile and then buff off. All this means a quite a lot of travel between buckets.

I only ever clean, wipe, dry, apply and buff in one direction - from the reel end to the leader end of the line. Secondly, as I strip the cloth hand goes high and the line hand stays low. A slight pause at the end of each strip will see the line untwisting between the high (cloth) hand and the bucket. Clamping pressure with the cloth hand is enough to do both jobs but not enough to produce heat damage to the line.

Years ago I had a house with a high balcony. Dropping the line to the ground and stripping back up through a cloth dealt with twists quickly and very effectively. The idea stuck. :)

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Graeme H
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Re: Line Twist and the Parallel Universe


Post by Graeme H » Sun Jun 07, 2020 3:48 am

I rarely get twist in my lines now that I have eliminated the horizontal back cast loop from my default overhead style. If I'm making roll or spey casts, I ensure I have very little extra line under the reel at the end of most casts. Too much line off the reel forms a nice reservoir for accumulating twist.

I show my students this to remove twist in their line (while they try to eliminate the cause with practice).
  • With no slack line between the reel and the first stripping guide, loosely hold the butt of the rod in your casting hand and the blank just above the stripping guide.
  • Rotate the rod about its axis, swinging the reel under the rod away from you and over the rod towards you.
  • Repeat until there is no twist remaining (maybe 10 times?)

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Re: Line Twist and the Parallel Universe


Post by Paul Arden » Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:58 am

25 years ago after learning from Henry Lowe in order to get through my instructor exams We fished together a few times. His remedy was to cast the line out, detach the reel, spin the reel around and then refit the reel. Every time he did this he caught a bloody fish :D

If it’s still there after banging the reel, I strip some more line off the reel and bang it again. But yes I absolutely agree, turning the rod around is a great solution.

Cheers, Paul
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