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Dusting off gear

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Dusting off gear


Post by nicholasfmoore »

It’s been ages since I’ve taken proper photographs, but I really do enjoy it. What’s everyone’s go to gear? I expect it’s dependent on weight as well as the distances you travel, I tend to carry everything possible 🤣

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Graeme H
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Re: Dusting off gear


Post by Graeme H »

I don’t use it much at all these days but this was my preferred tool when I was serious about my landscape photography.
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Re: Dusting off gear


Post by Mangrove Cuckoo »


A photograph of a camera! What a trip!

A few years back I was able to tour Clyde Butcher's studio with a peek behind the curtains. He used similar equipment for his landscape photography of Florida swamps. I am not a photographer, but the "technology" and craftsmanship of those cameras blew me away, not to mention the process involved in creating a photo from them.

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