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Photos 2014

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Photos 2014


Post by James9118 »

Great stuff Mike, bet they're fun on a #8 :D .
Michal Duzynski
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Photos 2014


Post by Michal Duzynski »

You bet they were. my rod looked like a letter U-upside down. i was scared it will snap- but its still in one pice in my hand. Half of the fight I kept my rod in the water, half lenght of it- just didnt want to bend to much.
A part of being awsome fun, it was a hard work. i cought myself few times grabbing the rod just under the stripper guide and pull the fish with both hands.

...but this is all nothing. let me tell you what was the best.
many times when i fish, others look at me with the expresuon on there face" fuck mate, lookd like hard work and you dont catch anything", and they flick there lure.
There was a boat next to us with 4 rods in the water- no bites, when I hooked up they came closer and enjoyed the fight with a big WOW on their faces.- THAT FELT SO GOOD.
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Stu Jamieson
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Photos 2014


Post by Stu Jamieson »

Awesome fish Mike, and great story!
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Graeme H
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Photos 2014


Post by Graeme H »

Now I've seen it Mike!!! Awesome work!!! I bet you are hooked on swoffing now!!! They pull hard, don't they? One of my favourite species.

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