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2021 World Casting Championships

Dung Fly
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Re: 2021 World Casting Championships


Post by Dung Fly » Mon Sep 13, 2021 7:06 am

As the German federation decided not to send a team to the WCs due to the Covid situation, a number of casters wanted to compete.

They approached the ICSF who allowed them to compete under the ICSF-GER banner.
These casters had no financial help from the German Federation.

I hope this helps.

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Re: 2021 World Casting Championships


Post by Torsten » Sat Sep 18, 2021 11:45 am

Thanks John,

I've seen the restriction now also in the ICW rules: ... srules.pdf

Casters, changing their nationality and their national organisation are barred from any International
Tournaments for one year. The change must be reported in each case to the ICSF new admittance
must be applied for, by the ICSF when the year has passed. Such a new admittance is only possible
if the caster has obtained his new nationality or makes the application plausible

The last sentence looks to me problematic, that's not easy to argue. But at least an option.
I’m sure they can represent Germany, Torsten. It’s possible to enter individually. Bernd competed one year.
At least after I've read the rules, I think that's not possible to enter individually, there is also a limit for casters / nationality (above PDF: II. PARTICIPATION RULES). I could imagine that fly casting with standard tackle is less restrictive, at least the rules look different for me, still the DAFV (that's the German federation) pays the ICSF fee, I don't know if and how Bernd got their permission.

For "classic" casting you need here to attend all 4 qualification tournaments / year, I did that 7 years ago and had to sign a contract; but I don't find enough time for training and we lost here in Berlin almost all financial support for that. They have looked mostly only for the overall scores, that's why it's quite difficult to participate at the WC for newbies or younger casters.

My friend was quite pissed off, because he was not informed (or too late) about the "GER-ICSF" option, I can understand that - we had no qualifications 2021 and I think he has quite a lot chances to win something at international level; because he won once gold @ the world cup in Poznan.

The DAFV has not allowed its members to participate at any national or international tournament till March 2022. It had already consequences, both Kurt and Wolfgang lost their position at the DAFV recently, there is now no sports official for casting anymore. I have contact to the potential new candidate, I think he is a bit more open minded about fly casting with standard tackle.


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Paul Arden
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Re: 2021 World Casting Championships


Post by Paul Arden » Sat Sep 18, 2021 2:14 pm

It’s been pretty free up to now, Torsten. Certainly I don’t know of any cases where someone has been refused. Even paying the ICSF Fees seems to be quite challenging! I can imagine it might become complicated in the future but so far it’s been very easy.

In all the years I think only Bernd has attended from Germany and he came once. Actually I think he came with a friend. Very tidy caster too from memory. There are very few countries that have 8 entrants in any discipline and it would be great to see more German competitors.

I would recommend anyone interested talking direct with the event organisers. I, like most others, have always had to pay my own way. Some teams are sponsored. It sounds like Germany would be in an excellent position to create a really excellent team. But in the meantime, I doubt very much that anyone would be prevented from competing off their own bat so long as they are within the numbers.

Cheers, Paul
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