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New and happy to be here!

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Re: New and happy to be here!


Post by rickoshea » Sat Sep 21, 2019 5:05 pm

absolutely, it's desperately exciting stuff, 4/5kg? .... holy shit!!

Salmon fishing is all about the hunt and patience but as Hugh Falkus said in his book "Salmon Fishing" in relation to that instant a salmon takes ...

"nothing in the gamut of human emotion can equal the magic of that moment"

which is pretty close to the truth :)

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Re: New and happy to be here!


Post by Paul Arden » Sun Sep 22, 2019 11:26 am

Ah - as Steve Parton once wrote in my all time favourite fishing quote “Fly fishing is not about patience, rather it’s about organised impatience” :D :D

Don’t know; I’ve never felt the salmon draw. If or when I do it, it will mean chasing cold climates again, relearning to enjoy shitty weather and figuring a way through a lot of nothingness. It may or may not happen - not sure. I do think my next fly fishing genre will be imaginary Saltwater in the tropics. I’m saving and working for a sailing boat at the moment. I’ll have to learn to navigate of course and my wife has to learn to swim :p , but I reckon this will take another 5-7 years to realise, which is plenty of time for both!

After that I have no idea. But that’s something for Ron as they say. I do know I’d like to learn another one, whatever that may be. If I live long enough I might even be able to make it two, but well, we shall see!

Cheers, Paul
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