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not new to the board - TZ - a thx to Paul and all

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 7:02 pm
by t.z.

my name is Thomas Züllich, or TZ for short. I was born 1963 in Koblenz, Germany - a mid size town in the Rhine river valley. It is a rather dense populated area without much nature. By chance and weird coincidences I came to fly fishing rather late around 2002. The bug caught on fully and I approached the task of learning this art with dedication and some sort of neurotic focus. I was lucky to run into amazing people which taught me a lot. Namely Mike Connor & Marc Petitjean for fly tying, various of the casting gurus (namely Paul and Carl "Berlin" Hutchinson) - for showing me how to fling that line and Dr. Jörg Schneider, the biologist responsible for reintroducing the salmon to Rhine river watershed.

It was a steep learning curve and still is. I can not drop the feeling of being a beginner and I actually like that feeling. It lets me live in the illusion that I am still young.

I traveled a lot and fished here and there, mostly in Europe, but also in the US. A little bit in N-Cal, a bit on the east coast. But not intensively as all the overseas trips were connected to work, so time was limited. I also fished several times in New Zealand, luckily I had more time there and could spend 6 weeks per stint.

Through work I came to Scandinavia. Sweden first and than Norway, where I eventually moved 10 years ago. I love this country.

Now I run a fly fishing lodge for trout and Arctic char in northern Norway. A dream came true I must say. The place is called Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing. The number of wild trout is staggering. There aren't many places on this planet with so many fish rising to dries. It can make you cry.

My passion is tying flies and exchanging knowledge. I have published a book on fly tying techniques on iTunes / apple. - This book was group effort of several sexyloopers. Amazing ...

Besides this outdoor oriented life in summer I am teaching acoustics / sound system deign and alignment and concert houses, theatres and the like in various locations in Scandinavia. (

Through flyfishing I came to photo and videography, like so many other fellow anglers. Those interested in having a look at my work are very welcome to visit my Instagram account. -

If that wasn't enough I also love to ride my motorcycle in Southern Europe and beyond. Of course it is a BMW, I'm born in Germany so I have to show a little loyalty to the fatherland.

I joined this particular forum as a beginner and I really liked the tone, the friendliness and the wealth of knowledge that was readily available. I am on it since many years and have to thank all the members, current and past and specifically Paul for this amazing place. I would not be a fly-fisher without Sexyloops. I feel that after 10 years or so it was time to say this.

Cheers and tight lines,


Re: not new to the board - TZ - a thx to Paul and all

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:07 pm
by Paul Arden
That’s great TZ - you should put it in your board bio! :)

It’s awesome to read that Sexyloops has helped you become a fly fisher. I’m very happy with all the amazing friends I’ve made here. I remember well your first trip to the Mill in Coggeshall :laugh:

Cheers, Paul

Re: not new to the board - TZ - a thx to Paul and all

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:18 am
by t.z.
Yeah, that was fun. I remember you trying to catch a fish and the crazy philosophical discussions we had. ... and I learned that a tip flex rod is crap. :yeahhh:

Re: not new to the board - TZ - a thx to Paul and all

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:48 am
by Viking Lars
One can always have a great philosophical discussion with Paul! Last autumn he and I had a discussion on whether luck was real or not. Paul's position was that it certainly is (mine was the opposite). Paul argued his case with a friend he had who (as I remember it) won the lottery twice, and hence had to be lucky. Then of course there was the light issue of said, lucky man going blind later in life...

Then it went down hill from there :-).