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Thank you for accepting my application

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Re: Thank you for accepting my application


Post by Paul Arden » Wed Oct 14, 2020 5:28 am

Oh I should probably add something. If you want to cast further with what you are already doing, then work on the haul. Keep everything straight, relaxed, less power with the rod, and apply a fast haul late in the stroke to a fully straightened hauling arm.

If you line lands in a curve it’s a tracking issue. If it kicks down at the end it’s not enough carry (or too much line speed, so not enough carry!). If it fails to straighten them not enough speed. If you are right handed and the loop kicks left most likely your backcast target was not straight behind but 20 or sometimes even 30 degrees outside - that’s very common.

Straight tracking and a fast well-timed haul will see you pass 100’ without too much problems. It can be done with surprisingly little rod effort. Any force applied to the rod should be applied during the second half of rotation.

How does it work with a golf swing? If I was to try to relate casting to the golf swing I would start with the ball cupped in the head of the club. Starting slowly to keep in in place and then hit it after passing the tee (butt, not tip). But I bet there are a hell of a lot of similarities too.

Cheers, Paul
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