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Reinventing The Wheel. mystery tomb!

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Reinventing The Wheel. mystery tomb!


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It wasn't "A nymph for all seasons" was it ?
I used to have a book of that name i sold to Coch y bondhu books, the Guide to anglers.... not the porn novel
and it was black and white drawings of patterns, i think it was from Taupo in NZ though the flies where universal. How it got in a second hand bookshop in charing cross road i don't know, but I came across it a few times so it seems it was sold here.I think it was from the late 60's

Re modern hooks and the fine wire, i think theyve veered a bit too fine of late for my likes and need to return to somewhere sensible. I had a seasons with of closed season fly tying wasted on partridge SLD.s that kept opening and some of the Tiemco i have bought have fared no better!
im reluctantly returning to slightly heavier wire again... shame they look beautifully light especially for dry flies, but in my hands and with our huge half pound browns they down stand a chance :D
Im sure with nymphs your able to avoid the very fine ones.Good luck with it hopefully we'll see some results
all best
W pom
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