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What a session

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Jason Stratford
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Re: What a session


Post by Jason Stratford » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:39 am

It was a pleasure showing you around Michal. Keepit is a great place to fish for carp...plenty of willing fish and lots of places to fish for them.

Paul...the rules relating to carp vary state by state in Australia. Some require the angler to immediately dispatch and dispose of carp (cant even take the fillets home to eat) while other states allow you to return them to the water they were caught. (But not release elsewhere).

Yes an invasive species...but an under rated sport fish in my (and plenty of others) view. An 80cm carp on a 2 or 3wt is a lot of fun!!! was great to have Michal drop down to fish 'my backyard' and to watch his improvement in casting hooking and fighting them. Due to very accurate casting...some of the takes were almost instantaneous once the fly landed!

A great session for sure!
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Paul Arden
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Re: What a session


Post by Paul Arden » Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:48 am

but an under rated sport fish in my (and plenty of others) view
They sure are Jason. I have had great fun fishing for both Carp and Barbel in Spain. They are also underrated there too. I have great respect for them, in fact I’m Spain I generally choose to fish for them instead of trout. They can be great sport on dry flies as well as nymphs.

Cheers, Paul
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