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DHD for ISW Surf Casting

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Paul Arden
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DHD for ISW Surf Casting


Post by Paul Arden » Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:51 am

Have a question for you and Lee have been researching surf fly fishing and in certain conditions a double handed rod is best-over here . G Loomis make a rod 12wt 11.3 ft cross current beach double handed fly rod . Do you or Lee have any advice on what’s out on the market or would Lee or your self have any recommendations distance / light wait important . I have12wt shooting heads for the job . Possibly even a great blank and have Lee build it?
Hey guys, what sort of rods and heads are people throwing in the Surf? I remember we had a few loopers throwing west coast US.

Is it still barstool importing Loomis?

Thanks, Paul
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Graeme H
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Re: DHD for ISW Surf Casting


Post by Graeme H » Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:53 am

There's a guy in the UK called Mike Oliver who has designed and built a rod for doing just this. He sells them to a lot of guys on the east coast of the US who he's fished with. (They cast his personal rod and want one for themselves.) He fishes for stripers when he's there, casting overhead in the surf (no spey casts are possible.)

I've already put you in contact with him before Paul (he should be in your contacts on gmail but if you need it again, just flick me a note and I'll put you in contact again.


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Re: DHD for ISW Surf Casting


Post by crunch » Sun Aug 25, 2019 7:29 pm

Paul you did talk with Mike in Cumbria WC. Mike was wearing a wax coat which was well worn out :)

I did use 15ft rod when I began salt water DHD but it was poor in strong wind and hard work to cast 650gr line. Lately I have cast 700gr...800gr shooting heads using 10ft.Spinning rod which is rated for 1/2 oz-2oz lure and 11ft Carp rod which rating is 2.75lbs. Casting is quite light and performance to head wind and with big fly is very good. That 11ft is NGT Travel Carp 11ft 2.75lbs 4pc and very cheap in ebay only £23.

I have made sinking shooting heads from clothes lines and floating and intermediate heads splicing front tapers to Skagit heads.


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