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quite presentation

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Phil Blackmar
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quite presentation


Post by Phil Blackmar » Sun May 09, 2021 1:01 pm

I've been using a medium weighted clouser in practice to work on tracking and a softer landing cast for shallow sight fishing. Some observations:

1. Paul-the grip is still the nuts. If I can wait for the butt to feel like it starts to pull away from the palm of my hand before zipping it then I get a very nice high speed tight loop. On release I try to feel like I screw the rod tip a little clockwise. It probably just straightens my tracking because it straightens my layout nicely. It also tightens the loop more.

2. I've been experimenting with an overhead cast where I make a small move left and up with the rod tip at the end of the cast. The result is a sort of tailing loop where the fly comes from under the "bottom" line but to the outside so it doesn't tangle. Done well, it's a small loop, fairly accurate and the fly lands very softly.

3.a. In a horizontal plane, I have mentioned a cast I like to throw where I make a half circle down and back at release and the fly plops up and over very softly without kicking to the side. It's a very cool cast but only good for relatively shorter shots.

3.b. In the same horizontal plane, I am experimenting with taking the rod tip slightly "under and up" on release so the loop is a little upside down. Done well, it's a pretty tight loop, also lands very softly and can be thrown a little farther than the cast in 3a.

Anyone care to share observations or other thoughts on achieving soft landings for sight fishing in the salt? Thanks

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Graeme H
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Re: quite presentation


Post by Graeme H » Sun May 09, 2021 2:02 pm

If you can keep the fly close to the water so that it has less distance to fall in the first place, it's easier to get a soft landing.

Jason Borger, in his book "Single-Handed Fly Casting" describes a great method of making this cast over long distances. Page 141 shows a technique I use to keep tension in the rod leg and really get that fly out a long way with very little effort. The distance I can reach is certainly far enough for sight casting.


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Paul Arden
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Re: quite presentation


Post by Paul Arden » Sun May 09, 2021 6:24 pm

Hi Phil,

1 excellent!!

I agree with all the rest. I also concur with Graeme; casting low to the water is the way to go. I would also incline the trajectory slightly as well, which means an even lower backcast. Also when checking the shoot, start slowing it down earlier to get rid of any kick. One final thought on turnover is to “give” with the rod, this helps take all the power out.

Then I would start to look at leaders and fly design. Line weights and profile. All the fun stuff! :)

Cheers, Paul
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