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Switch fly lines

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Lou Bruno
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Switch fly lines


Post by Lou Bruno » Wed Jan 12, 2022 1:04 pm

At times I'll fly fish from the shore...walking the beach. So, I was curious if anyone has any experience trying switch rods; longer rods with switch fly lines?

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Re: Switch fly lines


Post by Bendix » Wed Jan 12, 2022 10:05 pm

Hi Lou

First, I think it depends on how you define a Switch Rod… Some Switch Rods are basically just 10ft single hand rods, that are fitted with a longer handle, so you can use them with two hands on occasion. Other Switch Rods are longer and cast a relatively heavy line, and are more “short double handers”, that aren’t pleasant to cast with just one hand.
Then there are just a few Switch Rods, that are a bit longer (typically 11ft), that are in fact pleasant to cast with either one or two hands. But I find these rods hard to find…

In my experience, casting overhead with these long rods all day is much too hard, as the rods are a bit heavy in the tip, compared to a 9ft single handed. Plus, the lines used are often quite heavy as well. I once spent an entire day on the coast chasing Seatrout with such a rod, and my shoulder was aching as hell when I got home… But maybe you are in better shape than me?
Then you can off course use the rod with both hands, but then you sacrifice the ability to double haul… Which I don’t like for distance casting from the beach.

But if your aim is to do some sort of Switch or Spey cast from the beach, due to no room to back cast, then the Switch Rods can be very efficient indeed!

Also, I think it depends a lot on what species of fish you are targeting… I only have experience with this with Seatrout in the salt (And Salmon in rivers) but I have heard that these longer Switch Rods are quite popular for fishing Stripers in the surf in North America.

Maybe you should be a little more specific as to what you want to achieve?


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Paul Arden
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Re: Switch fly lines


Post by Paul Arden » Thu Jan 13, 2022 5:35 pm

Long rods over the top of waves I think makes sense Lou. I’m not sure about the whole double handed thing in shorter rod lengths however. Bendix is spot on IMO.

Having said that there is a history of guys using such rods 20 years ago on the Board (and they’ve been doing it for considerably longer than that). So it certainly has a niche place and can solve problems.

Switch flylines for me no. It would all be shooting head territory.

Cheers, Paul
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