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Many thanks!!


Post by Paul Arden » Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:54 am

Hey guys,

Another superb page from Andy today

I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have and have had so many wonderful contributors writing FPs and content for Sexyloops over the past two decades.

As I mentioned a couple of FPs ago, it’s my plan to build a definitive fly fishing encyclopaedia using the vast troves of SL content. This I think will be a great way of bringing previous content, Board discussions and of course FPs back to the fore. Google does a pretty good job of it but I know that this will help too. I think that this is the natural extension of everything we’ve done and will help build something that may indeed survive a very long time into the future as well. It might even help organise some of the chaos :D

So here is wishing all of our contributors past and present, whether that be on the Board, the FP team or the backend contributors a wonderful Xmas! Also a huge thanks to my good friend, Lee Martell, for doing such an outstanding job too!!

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