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Eye protection. Lars’ FP

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Eye protection. Lars’ FP


Post by Paul Arden » Sat Feb 06, 2021 12:02 pm

Great and important FP from Lars today

I want to follow this up. I was talking to this chap last month:
He was lucky (well you know what I mean); it embedded in the white part of the eye. It was barbed. His vision is fine now.

I once watched a video on YouTube of a fly hook being surgically removed from the eyeball. Man it was hard to watch.

I met a fly fishing magazine editor who lost most of his vision when he took his sunglasses off to take a photo of a fly casting angler and took a Clouser to the eye.

At Ardleigh, where I grew up fishing, and before my time there, the coach has a children’s day and the child took a fly to the eyeball. They grabbed his arms to stop him trying to grab it and make it worse. He was screaming of course. Straight to hospital. Guess what? The hook was resting on the eyeball and not embedded. Fuck me that was lucky.

I’m a pretty nifty caster, or so I’m told, I’ve had a gold head bounce off my sunglasses about 10 years back.

So please wear sunglasses during the day and clear work glasses at night and teach your students to do the same. Nowadays I give all my clients a free pair of clear work glasses for fishing at late dusk. They cost about £2.

I have so many stories... don’t be one of them!


Cheers, Paul
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