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Five Essentials - Straight Line Path of the Rod Tip (SLP)

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Five Essentials - Straight Line Path of the Rod Tip (SLP)


Post by robmellors » Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:02 am


Interested in your comment in your app video -"If we were to actually get a SLP of the rod tip, what would actually happen is that the line would hit the tip of the rod and wouldn't get any loop whatsoever". I agree, but it raises a question and that is should the line, on the front and back cast, be travelling directly over the rod tip? Or is there a case for the line (particularly on the back cast) to be offset at a few degrees, so that the line doesn't actually travel over the rod tip? If it should travel directly over the rod tip then particularly on the back cast is there a case for slightly opening the casting arc to allow for the line to clear the tip of the rod (thus the rod not travelling in an absolute SLP). Or is there a case for both a direct and/or offset of the line? Make sense?

Also, when casting in different planes i.e. from the vertical to the horizontal I find it quite difficult (not in the true vertical or true horizontal) to actually bring the line directly over the rod tip (it offsets at the backcast), no matter what size casting arc I'm using. Any thoughts on this one?

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Rob Mellors.

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Five Essentials - Straight Line Path of the Rod Tip (SLP)


Post by Paul Arden » Mon Mar 02, 2015 2:55 am

Yes I agree with all of that, Rob! The only thing I would add is that one other important technique to avoid collision is to raise the elbow during the backcast and lower /pull down in the forward cast. Oh and you don't even need an SLP to get a collision. Just getting close it and gravity will do the rest!

Cheers, Paul
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