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Shooting Heads?

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Lasse Karlsson
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Re: Shooting Heads?


Post by Lasse Karlsson » Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:04 am

Hi Dave

Even the skagit people are beginning to make sinkers, they have seen the benefits :D
In essence its just a lump of line to throw big things on light rods.

I'd go short on that 9 weight from the get go, and specifically shorten any fronttaper, and use appropriate thickness of tippet, a 2 inch leaded zonker needs a truck to go out in a spey type cast :D I have seen your caddis flies, and felt them :blush:
My shortest shootingheads are those microskagit things, and I've made sinkers of the same type to throw bigger flies on light gear from boats.
Mind you, really short heads don't go that far, but I guess you're not looking at 80-100 feet casts but more like 40-70?

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