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Leader Shape

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Lou Bruno
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Leader Shape


Post by Lou Bruno » Tue Jul 14, 2020 3:31 pm

So, here is my second attempt to explain a recent discovery with my leader shape.

Using a 7.5ft 0X leader, from time to time I noticed my leader had a slight dip, followed by my tippet having an upward trajectory. SEE MY CRUDE DRAWING.
Loop Dip.jpg
Loop Dip.jpg (10.84 KiB) Viewed 1481 times
I began to find the cause...thinking this is less then ideal. I think, I found the culprit. That being, I was waiting to long to begin my forward line was dropping, but not ticking the ground. Anyone remember the discussion on when to begin the forward cast on the SL Board. Bruce Richards did a great job telling us to not consider the leader but to begin the forward cast when the fly line straightens...not the leader, I think I got that correct.

I also noticed the same condition on my back cast. Was I waiting to long to begin my back cast, did I allow my forward cast to drop also, perhaps?

So, I began my forward cast and back cast much sooner and added DRIFT on both we call it drift on the forward cast? The result was no dip

Additionally, I changed my tippet, wanting to see the effect. I added a much heavier section (25lb) referring to the SL post on "Leader Design." Highly suggest reading that complete post, worth the time.

Changing my tippet helped to straighten my leader without adding DRIFT. SEE SECOND CRUDE DRAWING
LOOP Dip with heavy tippet.jpg
LOOP Dip with heavy tippet.jpg (10.48 KiB) Viewed 1481 times
Busy post, I know, but being aware of our line/leader shape (wide loop, non-loop, tailing loop, etc) helps us to be aware of our cast and how to trouble shoot the cause. Not sure if this leader configuration happens to others, if so is it allowed or accepted...should our leader be completely straight.

This practice time allowed me to be more aware of my TIMING and have a better awareness of the effects my leader plays on the cast.

Hope this helps someone.


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