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Cradle grip?

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John Waters
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Re: Cradle grip?


Post by John Waters » Mon Oct 12, 2020 5:03 am

No worries mate, that block is the basis of the casting technique used by many US casters from the west coast, illustrated by Steve Rajeff and developed by casting icons like Jon Tarantino many decades ago. The alternative is the 170 technique used by many casters today for the 5 weight MED Trout distance that requires management of 80 to 90 feet of line in the backcast. I first saw that 170 technique used by Czech (then Czechoslovakian) casters competing in the ICSF 38 gram shooting head line event in the 80s in Spain. That event only requires management of 55 feet (approx.) of line in a backcast and it is a very effective technique for shorter, heavier line casting. It does however require a very effective back haul to ensure the line is tight. The 11 to 1 arc technique does not require such a targeted haul to generate great line shape on the backcast but the better the haul, the better the line shape, irrespective of what arc you employ.

What I like about the 170 technique is that it positions the rod very well for a good forward cast, although, that can be achieved with a shorter arc and drift on the backcast.

Sag is the enemy on a backcast so that needs to be your focus.


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Paul Arden
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Re: Cradle grip?


Post by Paul Arden » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:33 pm

Hi Gary, I don’t think positioning the rod butt in the forearm in itself creates wide loops. I use this technique for reverse delivery shots and I would call those loops tight. I think it mostly has to do what you do afterwards. The rod butt is only tucked in up to the perpendicular.

However as I’ve mentioned many times before I don’t normally use this grip with heavier 10WT and above lines. Here I’m much more Rajeff orientated. Although I will use it for a backhand shot with such outfits - or if I need maximum distance.

Cheers, Paul
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