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casting effects of different grip positioning

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Vicente G
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casting effects of different grip positioning


Post by Vicente G »

hi guys, I've been noticing that when I started spey casting I used to grab the rod very high on the cork, almost at the top independent of the line length I was using, but that was almost 4 years ago, now I've noticed that my most comfortable grip is at the middle or in the lower third, I've been thinking what are the consequencesof these different grip positions, but id like to read what are your experiences in this, if anyone knows something about in single handed I'm interested on in too (on this case id like to point out that I'm interested in the positioning of the hand on the cork rather than the "shape" of the hand, I would think that's another discussion but I might be wrong :O )

Cheers and have a nice day!
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Re: casting effects of different grip positioning


Post by rusty »

…twelve weight maybe even carbon fibre?
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Paul Arden
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Re: casting effects of different grip positioning


Post by Paul Arden »

Hi Vicente,

It’s definitely a DH discussion because I think the considerations between single and double handed are different here.

Cheers, Paul
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