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Issue with marketing

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George C
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Re: Issue with marketing


Post by George C »

I think, Paul, you’re being a bit unfair to Orvis. Sure you broke a bunch of their 1st generation Helios’ but the series has been through a number of redesigns since.

Doesn’t Bernt Johansson use a Helios3? Seems like he was in the video when he won the Sexyloops PUALD competition several years ago. I presume he puts plenty of strain on the rod.

Marketing aside, I suspect the new Helios is an excellent rod…….at least in the saltwater versions……which it ought to be considering it’s $1200 price. Their H3 series seems to have been well respected by experienced flats fishermen. Too bad they don’t offer the rods with small torzites, however.

Orvis also has one of the best warranties in the business. I’ve plenty of experience with that service over the last 30 years and all of it has been very satisfactory.
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Paul Arden
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Re: Issue with marketing


Post by Paul Arden »

Well fair or unfair, when you break six different rods in less than an hour of casting it does tend to create a view of them! There is always going to be a trade-off between weight and strength when dealing with carbon fibre. I believe Bernt is putting a 5WT line on an 11WT rod. If he was casting an 11WT line and hitting it for 6 then I woukd expect different things to happen!

Cheers, Paul
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