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Sage Igniter 9' #6

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Sage Igniter 9' #6


Post by nicholasfmoore » Sat Sep 05, 2020 10:15 am

Hi all,

I bought this rod recently, and i have to say, it's an awesome rod. :cool: I used to have a Sage X, but i took it back after a few days, as i found the butt far too soft, and the tip far too stiff. :laugh: I didn't try the whole X series, only the 9' #6. With the igniter, i tried it in a few different models.

I must say, i think that this is Sages best line of rods to date, and a great all rounder (I still prefer the HT and use this as my main rod). It has a lot of feel in close, and it feels nice for distance. I must say, that after learning to comp distance cast properly, it feels like a noodle to me now. :cool: I've only tried it with Paul's line (thunderbolt) as this is my go to fishing line, the MED 6 has actually taken a back seat for a number of months.

I ran through all the casts with the rod, right and left shoulder speys etc. I tried it with Chinese style, and keeping the reel in line whilst twisting the top sections out with the rings at 45 and 90 degrees. It was really nice with a static roll. At the place i fish, it's essential to do a 70' + jump roll to reach fish that everyone else has pushed out, no problems there.

I won't go into the marketing or previous reviews on you tube, as we know, it's just a bendy stick that feels nice.

HT10 will be my next rod after this pandemic has calmed down a bit :cool:

All the best!
Nick M

"Memento Piscantur Saepe" :upside:

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